The Glamberts Vs. Directioners - Who Would Win In A Fan War?

Adam Lambert think they'd "be some casualties" but his fans would put up a good fight...

Adam Lambert has revealed that if his fans‘The Glamberts’ locked horns with One Direction'sfollowers the ‘Directioners’ they'd "be some casualties".

The American Idol star was quizzed about his fanbase during an interview with MTV News, where he was asked how the term Glamberts was coined.

[related]Adam explained: “I think the Glamberts came up with the Glamberts – that is my fan army.

“Actually I think it was based on the nickname that I got doing Idol. I think the media started calling me Glambert, which I thought was pretty funny and so the Glamberts became the Glamberts!”

When probed over who would win in a battlebetween the Glamberts and Directioners, the Queen singer confessed: “That sounds like there’d be some casualties!

“The Directioners are very strong and I like One Direction a lot, they’re really cool so I wouldn’t want there to be a fan war, but the Glamberts would give you a run for your money.They’re clever, they’re very smart the Glamberts.”

So there you have it! Over to you One Direction…

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