Is This the Ultimate App for Aeroplane Passengers?

Travel geeks, listen up...

When you’re three movies and two bouts of serious foot cramp deep into a long-haul flight, it can be hard to remember that you’re inside an aeroplane that is literally FLYING ABOVE THE GLOBE. Right?

Enter: Inflighto - a new app that brings you back down to Earth (figuratively speaking, only), by letting you know exactly what it is you’re flying over, 40,000 feet below.

Obvs there’s those live map things on your personal telly screen, but this app goes further - allowing passengers to know exactly what points of interest and landmarks are directly beneath.

Developed by two pilots, the app also has a premium version that can do some hella fancy things. Premium users can use live info about the upcoming weather and clouds (so they know if turbulence is on its way), along with flight data like altitude, speed, and coordinates, and even what boats are below (aviation geeks, rejoice).

If another passenger - or a crew member - also has the app, there’s also a chatroom to have a natter about all of the above. So essentially you can HYPOTHETICALLY slide into your pilot’s DMs? Interesting.

Only problem is that it does require in-flight WiFi - so unless you’re on a plane with that, the whole thing is sort of pointless. Not to put a downer on things.

'By Lizzie Cox'

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