10 Reasons To Pack Your Bags And Head To Western Australia Right Now

This will make you want to go there ASAP...

This month MTV went down under to the ULTIMATE adventure paradise in Western Australia. And yes, we had a major freak out with the endless bucket list experiences you can tick off there.

From making BFFs with dolphins and kangaroos, a 14,000ft skydive over an island, climbing 50-foot jurassic trees in Western Australia’s never-ending national parks, visiting a neon PINK lake (yes, PINK), the world’s best surf breaks and golden beaches on fleek, we were basically in heaven pimpin’ our Instagram game up to a whole new level.

So calling all you travel junkies out there, here’s 10 reasons why you need to pack your bags and head to Western Australia like, RIGHT NOW…

1. Meet The Happiest Animal On The Planet (And Your Future BFF)

Known as the world’s happiest animal, quokkas are herbivorous mini-kangaroo-like creatures that are exclusively found on Rottnest Island.

With no natural predators around them, quokkas have developed a keen friendliness and unusual trust to any human who comes their way, and well, the feeling is mutual.

2. Dip Your Toes In The Pink Lake & Become A True Unicorn

Occurring naturally in Western Australia, these pink-coloured lakes are caused by some natural magical potion of salt and algae.

Don’t ask us about the science, we’re too dazed by the beauty rn.

3. Embrace Your Jungle Fever & Get Lost In The Tree-Tops

Thanks to Western Australia’s tropical climate (prepare your bod for some serious sun-age), the nature in the region is second to none.

A tree-top walk above the forests shows confirms why this is one of the most beautiful regions on the PLANET; and yes, we felt like we were in Avatar.

4. Shred Big Waves Across The White Sands Dunes (On A Watermelon Float)

Who knew? Western Australia is home to pristine white sand dunes you would normally expect from the Sahara Desert.

Like all the nature in WA, it’s completely free to visit and only a few bucks to rent a sandboard to shred some dunes (or bring your own super watermelon floats for extra fun).

5. Get Your #SquadGoals Up With A Kangaroo Portrait Shot

Western Australia contributes a craaazy amount to animal conservation, which you can see first-hand up-and-down the region.

Obviously a trip down under isn’t complete without a squad photo with some roos (also doubles up as an album cover FYI).

6. Embrace Your Underwater Spirit Animal & Swim With Dolphins

Western Australia has some of the clearest water on the planet, which attracts some very favourable inhabitants – namely, dolphins.

You can jump on a boat tour most days and swim with our hyper intelligent fishy friends.

7. Visit The Pinnacles & Pretend You’re An Astronaut On Mars

The Pinnacles remained an undiscovered secret until 1967 when word started to spread.

The naturally-occurring limestone formations sit across a jaw-dropping landscape – and at sunset the silhouettes will give you major alien planet feels.

Just go and have your mind blown.

8. Swing Your Way Into An Untouched Instagram HEAVEN

We didn’t know water this turquoise existed outside of Disney films. Well turns out it does, and it’s in Western Australia.

Black Diamond Lake is an Instagram paradise like no other. Bring some floats, friends and stay there till the sun goes down.

9. Party All Night Long In Perth With New Friends

Perth is known as the sunniest capital city in the world,. What that basically means is that it’s inhabitants are some of the friendliest people around.

If you’re staying for a while or just passing through, you’re guaranteed to make new friends with fellow travellers and friendly locals looking to play.

10. Fund Your Adventure With Their Working Holiday Visa

Western Australia offer up a working holiday visa to travelers, which means you can actually FUND all your experiences by working in the region.

From farm work to bar jobs and wildlife conservation; you don’t even need to save before you go!

'For more information and to book your own trip, head to the STA website now.'

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