Harry Styles DM'd A Fan With Relationship Advice And It’s The Most Wholesome Thing Ever

He needs his own advice column

Harry Styles has reached out to a fan in her time of need after a Twitter user called @babyhoneystylo sent him a lengthy DM asking for boy advice.

Tisha admitted that she’d been crushing on a friend for seven years, writing: “I never told him because I've always been too scared to. After all this time I think I want to tell him. If u give me a sign, I'll hit send. This is a chance I am willing to take. Let me know.”


Despite Harry receiving thousands of fan messages a day, something about her message resonated with him. Tisha has decided to keep the bulk of his response private for now but did share a particular sentence that struck a chord with her.

“Be honest and vulnerable, that's what makes you feel human,” he said. “And feeling human, the good and the bad, is what life is."

Revealing how grateful she is that he took the time out of his day to reply, Tisha said: “Harry seriously chose the most beautiful words that he could. I seriously can't stop repeating them in my head. He is my best friend seriously.”

“Mr. Styles gave me a very good advice at 4AM at my place. Can't fall back asleep again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

She added: “I'll do it and let you know how it went. If you ever need someone to talk to, dm me anytime of any day. Thank you again.”

Too wholesome for words.

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