The Mystery Of Zayn Malik’s Deleted Instagram Feed Has Finally Been Solved

It has nothing to do with his split from Gigi Hadid.

The mystery of Zayn Malik’s erased Instagram feed has finally been solved because the 25-year-old singer has logged back into his account to promote what looks like a trailer for new music.

While a bunch of fans had connected the move to his recent split from Gigi Hadid, it looks like his decision to cleanse his profiles was more professional than it was personal. Who knew?

'Let's get checking out a bunch of major secrets celebs managed to keep from the world...'

We’ll obviously still be lighting a candle in memory of all the fallen selfies, but for now let’s focus on the fact that Z has dropped a video essentially ushering in the dawn of a new era.

The upload is captioned “04/12/18” and features a freshly blonde Zayn looking out over the ocean before the drama increases with a fight scene and some tense looking actors.

Fans have understandably lost their minds over the clip, writing that it’s been an entire lifetime since his debut album first hit shelves: “I’m sooooooo ready,” one person wrote, while another pointed out: “Oh my Gooood Z2 is coming!!!!”

Back in September, Zayn hinted to FACT that his second album will mark an “evolution” in his music career: “There’s also some big rap tunes on there, so for those I needed different producers I haven’t worked with before.”

Anyone else counting down the hours until the 12th?

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