Teen Mom UK Cast Tease Rollercoaster Relationships, New Family Additions And More Drama In The Brand New Series – EXCLUSIVE

Our amazing mums are BACK and their motherhood journeys are just as full-on as ever...

Set your naptime alarms for Wednesday 5th September at 8pm and cosy up under your favourite blanket because Teen Mom UK is BACK for a fourth series and our amazing mums are bringing more drama and more exciting moments than ever.

If all that wasn’t enough to get you SERIOUSLY excited, Amber Butler, Chloe Patton and Sassi Simmonds will be joined by awesome new 19-year-old Shannon, who’s one seriously proud mum to son Theodore.

We cannot WAIT to catch up with these mums!

Watch Amber, Chloe, Sassi and Shannon tease what’s coming up in brand new Teen Mom UK in this exclusive video:

Giving us a hint of what we can expect this time around, the mums tease everything from growing families to arguments to some exciting new starts.

Speaking exclusively to MTV, Chloe, who has son Marley with boyfriend Jordan Edwards, reveals what will be seeing from her: “A lot of lows, a lot of highs, a new addition to the family and also, a special trip away.”

Last series, this little family bought a dream home together, but have they adjusted to their new life?

Leigh Keily

Introducing what we’ll be seeing from her motherhood journey, new mum Shannon tells MTV: “You can expect a rollercoaster relationship between me and Charlie, and I also help him cool off with a drink.”

Between the drama, it hasn't taken long for Shannon to adjust to life as a mum, with the parenting natural admitting that being a mum must be her "hidden talent"!

Leigh Keily

Amber adds a hint that her relationship with Ste Rankine, who she has son Brooklyn with, is still rocky: “The most dramatic moment what you can probably expect from the series with me is probably when me, Ste and Kirsty had a surprise meeting up.”

Amber and Ste faced a tough time last series, with Amber confessing her love for Ste while he was loved up with new girlfriend Kirsty. Will they sort things out for good this series?

Leigh Keily

It’s not all drama and rocky romances though, with Sassi, who has daughter Zena’ya with Darren Quirk, explaining: “The biggest moment for me coming up this series is finding my feet in my life and aiming for the future.”

Sassi and Darren also faced a rocky path in series three, with the pair ending their relationship after a lot of fighting, but could this be the series that they patch up their differences?

Leigh Keily

There's only one way to find out - and we cannot WAIT to see what our mums and their adorable little ones get up to next!

Don't miss brand new Teen Mom UK, starting Wednesday 5th September at 8pm on MTV UK! And see more from our mums in our exclusive videos below:

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