This New Harry Potter Clothing Collection Is So Stylish You'll Actually Want To Wear It

AND it includes your very own invisibility cloak.

'Watch Love Island's Alex and Olivia take the Girlfriend Does My Makeup Challenge...'

Somebody better invent a way to bypass Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration already because your Gringotts vault is going to be pretty empty after you get a look of thismagicalnew line of clothing based onHarry Potter.

You have Aussie brand Black Milk Clothing to thank for this one, and as well as a whole load of actually quite fashionable pieces based upon key moments inthe series, they are even selling an invisibility cloak tunic to call your own.

Of course whether or not it 'actually' makes you invisible is up for debate, but that's not going to stop us buying five. You know, just in case.

The collection launched back in Juneand also includes things like patterned t-shirtand shorts co-ords, Mrs Weasley approved knitwearand the cutest pair of Hogwarts-themed dungarees you have ever seen.

There's also these leggings, which are probably the only thing that has ever made us actively want to be in Slytherin.

Naturally the first drop sold right out so you'll need to sign up to their newsletter (which by the way comes via email opposed to owl post) to be among the first to know when the re-stock is coming.

Magical or what?

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