Aaron Chalmers Warns His Bellator Opponent To ‘Prepare For A War’ As He Talks About His Geordie Shore Family’s Support - Exclusive

Aaron's next fight takes place on Feb 9th in Newcastle, and you can watch it all on Channel 5

With four victories already under his belt, undefeated MMA champ Aaron Chalmers is gearing up for his next big fight in Newcastle, and with his Geordie Shore family ready to cheer him on, he’s feeling more ready than ever.

The Geordie lad’s next Bellator bout is set for 9th February, and ahead of the big day, he exclusively spoke to MTV about feeling confident and fully prepared for what’s to come.

Want the ultimate guide to MMA? Aaron's got you covered:

Speaking about how things have changed since his first fight in Newcastle, Aaron explains: “This is my second fight in Newcastle - the first one I felt under huge pressure, whereas now I’m further into my fight career so I know exactly what I’m doing. I’ve got the best coaches around me and my preparation has been completely on point, so this time I’m not feeling the pressure at all.

“I’m more excited than anything! I’m totally focused on going out on the 9th Feb and putting on a performance for all the Geordies and all the Geordie Shore fans!”

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He adds some words of warning for his opponent Corey Browning, saying: “All my friends and family are going to be there, so if this kid thinks he’s coming over to steal the show, then he best prepare for a war because I’m not going to be a push over, especially in my home town!”

Why aye!

Aaron’s Geordie family have been supporting his MMA career from the start, and the lad is excited to have them cheering him on once again.


He explains: “I stopped filming with Geordie Shore a year or so ago so I haven’t seen everyone since then really. They were filming at my very first fight and they’ve always come to support me at my other fights which I really appreciate.

“My life is very different these days so it might feel a bit surreal but I can’t wait to see them all ringside.”

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He’s also buzzin’ to spend proper quality time with his girlfriend after the fight, admitting: “In camp, we don’t get to see each other much because I’m always away training so after the fight we’re gonna spend some decent time together. I’ve also organised a massive get together with family and friends in Newcastle which I can’t wait for.”

Overall, Aaron is feeling super confident about what's to come on February 9th: "In the lead up to a fight I’m normally stressing around at this point, and I find if I’m stressing then I’m not getting my full workouts in. But now my only worry is getting to training, and once I’m there I’m in my element. You know what they say - A happy fighter is a dangerous one!"

OI OI! Keemon lad, we know you can do it!

'You can watch Aaron's big fight on Channel 5 on Feb 9th at 10pm - midnight.'

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