What Went Down At LUSH’s Creative Showcase Will Blow Your Mind

Move over Disneyland, we wanna live here

This week saw the Lush Creative Showcase hit London, and anyone who’s anyone in the world of Lush popped down to get involved with the ultimate bubble bath bonanza.

Never heard of it? It’s an awesome, totally unique pop up paradisefor Lushies. Bigger and better than ever, this year sees four whole floors worth of fizzbanging, whizzpopping, heaven-scented Lush experiences.

'Ready to have your first look at Lush's Christmas and Halloween range? Get watching our vid...'

Fans literally travel from all over the world just to be there and see how their famous favourite products go from a thought in animagination to their very own bathroom cupboard.

But if you couldn’t make it this time around (it’s an annual thing so get planning for 2018)then have no fear, because we’re here to give you a rundown of all the mindblowing, bath bubbling fun stuff that you missed at the 2017 showcase.


Walking in is basically like walking into a whole different Lush universe.There’s brightly coloured beanbags everywhere to chill out on, but why sit down when there’s so much coolness to get stuck in with?

First up, you need to know about the gigantic slidesconnecting you from one floor to another, and conveniently landing you right in front of the hands-on kitchen experience.


Speaking of which, you can literally just rock up andget your hands dirty (or clean, seeing as it’s Lush) by makingyour very own products.

We spotted Christmas bubble bars being made, right in front of a wall of those insane fidget spinner bath bombs that you’ve seen everywhere recently.


Lushies also got to witness an actual Lush rollercoaster hanging overhead at this year's event.

Rather than taking a seat yourself, you actuallychuck your favourite bathbomb down it and watch as it hurtles around the track and splashes down into a demo pool.


There’s tons of demos going on throughout the showcase too, which not only helps to decide which ones will givethe prettiest pamper bath to completeyour Sunday night plans, but also help to make your Insta game extra strong. Those colours though.


But OH, you still ain’t seen nothing yet. Thought that lot looked pretty great? How about the actual river of Lushthat was running through the entire main expo hall?

Flowing from second to ground floor with bright orange, Bucks Fizz scented water, it even turned a huge wooden wheel for one final whammy. We’re gonna need one installed in our bathroom tbh.

Head in the other direction and some Lushies were lucky enough to stumble into arainforest salon. Aesthetic goals.

Hot oil treatments, head massages and hair styling sessions were underway all day to give everyone a pamper sample andyep, we volunteer as tribute for this bit.


We know what you’re thinking though. The only thing missing from this incredible set up is a bit of Beyonce - butdon’t worry about Bey, becauseLush have got you covered with this masterpiece.

Are you ready for this jelly? We're talking shower jellies, obv - all wobbling away on their very own moving funhouse-esque stage.

Downstairs was dedicated to an atmospheric music, film and stage set upwith interactive experiences designed especially by artists, with the aim of recreating the uhmazing Lush Spa treatments in physical form.

Sounds real fancy, but it featured awesome technology like brainwave displays, neon stripsthat translated your heartbeat into lights, and a seriously weird, wind machine‘breathing’ experience. Kinda crazy, but oh so zen. Hommmm.

Anyway, back upstairs? Oh just all of the Instagram opportunities you could ever need, really.


There was even a giant carousel dedicated just to showing off Lush's new naked packaging. As you might be able to guess from the name, their shower gels have ditched the black lid bottles and gone 100% naked for the ultimate, ecofriendlymakeover.

If we ask really nicely, could we get one of these bad boys for displaying our own collection at home? Kinda extra, but totally necessary.

It probably goes without saying that there's a million opportunities to give every Lush product the tried and tested experience while you're at the showcase.

Turn left and you're being sprinkled with sparkly dusting powders. Turn right and you've got your arm stuck in the shower for a quick massage with a naked shower gel.

Turn left again and you're watching some kind of rainbow bath jelly appear in a basin,while a candy floss machine whips up some shower-friendly floof that you WASH with rather than eat.


Yep, it's basically Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory IRL that'll leave you feeling like a fruitfest, ecofriendly unicorn -and if that doesn't sound like the dream day out then we don't know what does tbh.


'Words by Lucy Wood'

SO GOOD. Now then, do you fancy an honest catch up with the lovelySophie Kasaei? Um, duh.

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