Britt Robertson Reveals Boyfriend Dylan O'Brien Once Mistook His Trapped Wind For Appendicitis

We've all been there.

Everyone who's anyone knows that Britt Robertson and boyfriend Dylan O'Brien are absolute relationship goals,and that's been proved once and for all by a slightly hilarious tale involving a mistaken case of appendicitis.

While the couple are pretty lowkey about their relationship, Britt did reveal a little insight into what it's like to date Dylan ina new interview explaining the craziest thing she's ever done in the name of love.

It all started whenDylan called her up feeling sick and she thought he was suffering from a case of appendicitis and needed to be rushed to hospital. Understandably panicking because she was thousands of miles away, Britt did what all good girlfriends would and packed up her two dogs and immediately caught a flight with them to be there for him.

But, as it turns out, he was not suffering from appendicitis at all.

"I think Dylan's going to the hospital," Britt explained, recalling the tale to Clevver TV. "It ended up being…I shouldn’t be telling this story. It’s a terrible story. I thought he had an appendix that was rupturing."

"It was not the appendix," she added. "It was a gas issue."

Yep, you've guessed it - she traveled all the way across the country to be with Dylan during a rather painful case of trapped wind.

Still, given his scary accident on the set of The Maze Runner, we're guessing Brittwas pretty pleased it wasn't anything serious this time around.

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