Holly Hagan Had The Most Brutal Response To Charlotte Crosby’s Boyfriend Drama

Telling it how it is since 1992

Holly Hagan has once again proved that she takes no crap from anyone after coming through with the most epic response to Charlotte Crosby’s boyfriend drama.

The former Geordie Shore lass had taken to Twitter that joke that she was having some trouble keeping Josh Ritchie away from his gaming system.

“Have you ever travelled almost 6 hours to see your bf and you get there and he asked if you’d mind if he played fifa?”

'Now get checking out Charlotte Crosby showing off her new mansion...'

Having added eight vomit emojis to the end of her tweet, it was pretty clear that she was hoping for a little more romance after travelling such a long distance to see her man.

While a bunch of fans pointed out that she should unplug his box and demand a bit of attention, Holly decided that the whole thing was an unforgivable offense: “Get him in the bin,” she said.

It turns out her own BF, Jacob Blyth, wouldn’t have dared to ask her the same question: “@ritchie_joshua what a guy. I daren’t even ask, too scared of the reaction. You know the one where their face just drops and stares into your soul, yeah that one ”

The comments section was divided into people who thought Josh did the right thing by asking for approval and others who said he should probably have known that it would go down badly.

As for the best solution to the problem, one fan came through with their own experience: “My husband is fifa mad, I learnt to play whilst he was at work. Now its game on bitches.."

What do you think, Char?

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