14 Of the Best Pop Cult Halloween Costumes For 2017

Basic bitch-ness as its best

Ahh Halloween, ’tis the season that proud basic bitches truly thrive with a bit of help from a pair of cat ears, some eyeliner whiskers and some vampy red lipstick.

But hey, who ever said that being basic on Halloween was a bad thing? Every year there’s always a handful of costumes that EVERYONE’s doing - but it’s usually because they look frickin’ awesome and the character is super cool.

Need some Halloween makeup inspo? Why not givethis Sugar Skull tutorial a go...

In 2015 we had twerking Miley Cyrus, in 2016 we had Harley Quinn, but what’s it gonna be for the most popular idea this year? Well, it’s probably gonna be one of these genius ideas below tbh.

These are 14 of the best, badass, most babein’ pop cult Halloween costumes for 2017, guaranteed to be spotted at every single party around.

Just don’t choose any of these if you wanna avoid that slightly awkward, 'OMG WE'RE THE SAME' moment.

1. Zombie Taylor Swift

We're sorry, old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she's making multiple appearances at every Halloween party that you go to this year.

Courtesy of the epic LWYMMD video, Zombie Swifty is the perfect mix of cute and creepy thanks to some serious eyebags, sunken cheekbones and a blue grave-digging dress that's err... seen better days.

2. In fact, any of the Taylor Swifts tbh

Heading out to trick and/or treatwith your squad on the 31st? Choose your ghost of Swifty pastand channel one of her signature styles from days gone by.

Obviously Zombie Taylor wins for Halloween, but you've also got ballet dancer Taylor, geek chic Taylor, country girl silver dress Taylor, or even circus ring leader Taylor for arguably the best costume tbh.

3. Pennywise

The remake of It was crowned asthe highest grossing horror movie of ALL TIME this summer, but good news forcreepy clown enthusiasts- Pennywise isactually a very low effort costume.

Master the traumatising red eye makeup look and you're already half way there while a ruffled up shirt, backcombed hair and red balloon will earn you some bonus points.

4. Wonder Woman

If you got all dressed up as Harley Quinn this time last year, Gal Gadot's version of Wonder Woman is probably right up your street for 2017.

Totally babein' and entirely badass, beauty gurus have also been a big fan of giving everyone's favourite female super hero a pop art twist this year, too. How cool?

5. American Horror Story

Looking for a costume that's basically your own everyday monochrome wardrobe but slightly spookier? Winter Anderson from the new series of AHS is your gal.

Collard dress, goth-inspired accessories, a pastel wig and winged liner. It's up to you to find your own Evan Peters to match though, so good luck with that.

6. Stranger Things

You know that a Halloween costume is a solid choice when it stays popular for two whole years in a row - so let's all just give Eleven a round of applause for the most cosplay-able costume of all time.

If you're not feeling Eleven's pink dress and bomber jacket combo, then Barb's ginger wig and glasses, Nancy's 70's style or even a bit of floral wallpaper covered in fairylights could work.

7. Botched Instagrammer

2017 has definitely been the year of the influencer, but arriving at a Halloween bash with your eyebrows and highlight on point as per usual isn't gonna win you any party prizes.

Botched, stitched up, plastic surgery-obsessed Instagrammer might just be the most millennial costume of all time though, and yep we're completelyobsessed. MORE FILLER.

8. Veronica Lodge

Been chain-watching Season 2 of Riverdale for the past week? Now's your chance to transform yourself into the ultimate River Vixen, Veronica Lodge. Goals.

Maybe not the spookiest but undoubtedly the chicest, you could opt for either full-on cheerleader uniform, a sleektopand pearls, or her signature yellow baseball tee. Sassy raised eyebrow also necessary.

9. White Walker (but glam af)

Game of Thrones is jam-packed with potential costumes for Halloween, but most of them require some kind of enormous cape, a bit of facial hair and maybe an exposed boob or two. Not ideal.

White Walkers are definitely the most nightmare-ish with the best potential makeup,but you could add a blonde wig and some icy glitter for a glam party compromise. Deal?

10. Pregnant Kylie Jenner

Seeing as the celeb world hasn't talked about anything other than a baby that may or may not exist inside Kylie Jenner's womb for the past few weeks, this one's a no brainer really..

Just make sure you're dressed as ALLEGED pregnant Kylie Jenner, in order to avoid any awkward lawsuits. Ahem.

11. Or Pregnant Beyonce

Celeb baby bumps are the Halloween gift that just keeps on giving - especially Beyonce, whose pregnancy photoshoot sorted out all future fancy dress plans as soon as it hit Instagram earlier this year.

Red bra top, blue undies (or shorts), a fancy wedding veil and some kind of dramatic floral wall to pose in front of whenever someone whips out a camera, and you're sorted.

12. James Charles' flashback

James Charles was a YouTube fave before he became a meme sensation, but that photo of his truly incredible (and very confusing) flashback makeup took things to the next level.

Pay tribute to the legend that is Flashback Mary in all of her glory with a sh*t ton of white face paint, some fake glasses, a baseball cap and a white tee. Flawless.

13. The Handmaid's Tale

The slightly traumatising TV show that everyone's been onabout this summer also happens to double up as a handy, low effort costume that makes you seem well cultural and intelligent.

Grab yourself a red cape, get (minimal levels of) crafty to make a simple white bonnet - and if you lose your hat before the night ends then just be Red Riding Hood instead.

14. Belle

And last but not least, you can never go wrong with a Disney Princess.But 2017 was all about Belle, thanks to Emma Watson in live actionBeauty And The Beast.

Her swooshy yellow dress is pretty much the dream Halloween costume - and if you wanna get a little bit grim with a huge beast-sized slash across the face, we ain't gonna stop you.

'- Words by Lucy Wood'

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