Ed Sheeran: Taylor Swift Will Never, Ever, Play Glastonbury

Swifty unlikely to headline at festival because 'she likes to be in control'...

It’s been an amazing year for Taylor Swift but if you’re hoping to see her at Glastonbury any time soon, you may be disappointed.

That’s the warning given by her pal, Ed Sheeran, who claims that Taylor will never put her name forward for the Somerset gig because she likes to be in control.

[related]Speaking to Digital Spy, Sheeran said he would bet "a large amount of money" against the Shake It Off singer playing at the 2015 festival.

''Taylor doesn't like festivals, so for any bookies reading... I think Taylor likes doing her own show because she's in control and it's how she wants it to be,” he said.

''With Glastonbury or any festival, you're at the mercy of the people who run the festival. She wants it all to be perfect".

He added: "I'd bet you a large amount of money she doesn't – a large amount of money.''

There may be some good news for Take That fans at least. The man band recently revealed that they would like to play Glastonbury in 2015.

The headliners for next year’s event will be announced on 1 April.

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