7 Of The Best Bits From BTS’ Grammy Museum Conversation

MTV UK was lucky enough to be in the house for the intimate conversation at Los Angeles' Grammy Museum…

Fresh from four sold-out nights at LA'sStaples Center, BTS traded audiences of thousands for a crowd of 200 on Tuesday evening, as they took part in an intimate conversation at the neighbouring Grammy Museum. We were lucky enough to grab a seat at the event, hosted by Grammy Museum executive director Scott Goldman, to bask in the presence of birthday boy RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Suga and V.

While the entire evening was as dreamy as you’d imagine, there were some moments that just made us laugh, melt and even cry a little more than others. Here are our highlights…

1. When the boys described their writing process

There was a lot of discussion about how, as seven guys in a band, BTS actually manage to write their music together. Describing the process as “year round song camp”, BTS told stories of how they work with their producers (“we consider them colleagues and there is no hierarchy”), though RM did let us in on their competitive side. “It’s like in school when you always want to show the teacher something better,” he laughed.

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2. When J-Hope joked about the band’s choreography

“We’re not getting any younger!” said the 24-year-old, explaining that if someone comes up with choreography that seems too physically challenging they will get rid of it, to spare their bodies.

3. When they talkedabout their English-speaking fans

Scott asked the boys what it's like to see their American fans at shows singing in Korean and RM said, “You can really feel the heat and the energy from them. They know how to play!” Suga then continued, “In Korea we sing popular English songs and it’s very hard… we’re thankful they work so hard to learn the Korean lyrics.”

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4. When RM talked about the band’s purpose

In a heart-warming moment, RM said that when BTS was formed they wanted to be “a method of help for the world.” He also explained that this relates to their management group BigHit Entertainment’s motto, which you see at the start of all their music videos, ‘Music & Artist For Healing’.

5. When Jungkook described the Grammy Museum

J-Hope was going in with a serious answer, when Jungkook interjected, “LIT!” Simple, yet effective, his response got one of the biggest laughs of the night.

Courtesy of the Recording Academy™/Photo by Rebecca Sapp, Getty Images © 2018

6. When V explained BTS’ relationship with their fans

After Scott commented on how strong the bond is between BTS and their Army, V gave the most poetic explanation of all, saying, “Our fans give us the wings to be able to do this.” No YOU’RE crying.

7. When Scott gave us hope for a major future BTS performance

Parting ways with the boys, host Scott Goldman mentioned that MAYBE he’d see BTS on the Grammys stage sometime soon, and tbh we can’t wait for that day.

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