Bondi Hipsters Parody Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Campaign & We Love It

Dom and Adrian pay homage to Biebs’ “vacant-eyed gaze of an ice addict suffering from severe PTSD”…


Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier, aka Dom Nader and Adrian Archer, aka the Bondi Hipsters, have parodied Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein campaign and it might be better than the original.

[related] Posing for Pat Stevenson of Hobo Sydney Photography, the jokers uploaded their shoot to Facebook, writing, “We love what Justin did with the whole dead-eyed soulless look in his latest Calvin Klein catalogue… It’s quite incredible how he’s been able to summon the vacuous vacant-eyed gaze of an ice addict suffering from severe PTSD.

“We know what you’re probably thinking; ‘what would a cherub-voiced teenaged billionaire baldy know of suffering and sorrow?’... But look at him! Juhstin Biehber is sporting a 100% genuine blank-as-f**k thousand-yard stare, and he doesn’t even have hair on his chest yet!

“Either way, kudos to young Biebs. He clearly gives zero s**ts, and we think that this is case of groundbreaking, heroic mohdelling. That little baldy is gonna do 'aight in the fahshion industreh. However… We’ve taken the time to re-shoot his campaign and think that with a little hair on our chests, we’ve brought something edgier and slightly more realistic to the table.”

Check out the full Bondi Hipsters shoot in the gallery and make sure you check out their alternative #MyCalvins hashtags - #MyKeysAreUnderYouBrah and #MyBellyButtonLint are just two of our favourites.

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