Zayn Malik Says He Quit One Direction Because An Alien Told Him To Do It In A Dream

The reason Zayn Malik quit One Direction has been revealed and apparently he reckons an alien told him to do it in a dream, which makes perfect sense. Full story at

Before we begin, it's important that we alltake a deep breath and prepareto go to a place we've all buried way down deep in that vault of emotional baggage.

Why? Because it'stime to talk about that fateful day that Zayn Malik announced he was quitting One Direction.

It's not that we want to bring this up;we've all only just about had a chance to get over it and accept things as it is. Still,we're guessing you might be interested to hear who it is that prompted Zayn to actually make the final decision to leave - especially if we told you that it involvesan alien who spoke to him in a dreamwhen he was tucked up in bed one night.

If you were blaming the pressures of touring, media speculation about his private life or any number of other factors, you're going to need to tip-tap out a bunch of apology tweets pretty quick as Zayn had a slightly unexpected answer for this question during a recent interview.

"An alien spoke to me in a dream..." Zayn is quoted as saying in a quickfire interview that appears in Glamour when he was asked when the first time he considered quitting 1D was.

Literally what have wetold Niall about letting Zayn eat cheese before bed?Just think, if they hadn't had that competition to see who could fit the most Babybells in their gob at once, this might never have happened.

We honestly never thought something could make us hate cheese but this might actually be it.

Okay, okay - 'perhaps'Zayn might have been being a little bit of a joker in this interview as when he was asked what the first thing he does when he's with old friends is, he also replied:"We do this weird thing: we communicate with words."

How inzayn of him.

Do let us know what you make of this development via a subconscious message in our dreams. Alternatively we can also be reached @MTVUK.

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