How Much Money Do The Kardashians Actually Waste?


The formidable Kardashian empire, managed by matriarch Kris Jenner, is worth a whopping $65 million a year. Between them they have modeling careers, perfumes, clothing lines, and even best-selling books. Even after all their earnings are divided between them, each Kardashian is drowning in cash, so where on earth is all that money going?

Kimye's Krazy Wedding

Kim is well known for her spending splurges. Her massive wedding to Kanye West was a multi-million dollar event, as around 200 guests were treated to private flights first to Paris and Florence to stay in luxury hotels and celebrate in style.

Her wedding dress alone cost a colossal $300,000. Of course we’d expect nothing less from the Queen of Selfies on her big day but, did you know that for the price of that wedding dress, we could send about 857 girls in East Africa to elementary school? Or even provide a full year of university and boarding for one student?!

Gotta have flowers at a wedding, right? Sure, flowers are romantic and pretty, but perhaps Kim’s $750,000 enormous wedding flower wall may just be pushing it. Especially when that same amount of money could give sex education and HIV testing to more than 32,000 young people in sub-Saharan Africa to help prevent AIDS.

Kourtney and Scott

Of course, Kim is not the only guilty Kardashian culprit. Kourtney and ex-boyfriend Scott Disick’s pad is reportedly worth an eye-watering $8.5 million. It’s hard to even imagine that sort of money, so imagine this - $8.5 million is enough to give over 366,000 people access to clean, safe drinking water where there is none available.


Meanwhile, Kris Kardashian’s plastic surgery alone has racked up a bill of around $1 million. 1 MILLION DOLLARS.Just imagine how much of a difference $1million could make if were, say, donated to raise money for the Syrian refugee crisis?


It is impossible to count exactly how many cars the Kardashians own as a family (trust us, we tried it). We do know that Kim in particular has multiple flashy cars to her name.She has been spotted in a Rolls Royce ghost, Mercedes-Benz G63, Ferrari 458 Italia, Bentley Continental GTC, and in both a black and white Range Rover (just under $1 million in total).

Kris has appeared in three different Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons, andKylie received her first car on her 16th birthday (a Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV) (and her second, a Range Rover, less than a year later).

Let’s not forget that newest member of the clan Kanye is happy to fly around the world in his private jet, just to buy supplies for interior decorating. Admittedly we’re a little jel, but surely all these trips can’t be good for our rapidly-depleting ice caps?

The Good Stuff

It’s not all bad, however. The Kardashians do also give to charity. Kim has announced that she gives 10% of all her earnings to the church, and says she regularly donates money to a charity called Dream Foundation which helps adults with life-threatening illnesses. But is that enough?

In 2013 Kim came under fire from critics when she auctioned some of her old clothes on eBay but gave only 10% of the earnings to charity, pocketing the rest herself. With Kim’s high level of spending (about $1 million a month) maybe she needs all the extra cash she can get.

Of course, most celebs are guilty of owning multiple cars, and throwing lavish parties. But the Kardashians are the most popular family on TV and their fans aspire to not just be like them, but mimic their lifestyles. So, where is their $65 million yearly income going, and can their purchases be justified?

When one Kardashian’s purchase of a golden toilet could make or break the future of a community, and another’s $100,000 shopping spree could save lives, maybe they should stop and think, "do we really need this?"

- by Emily Hooley

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