Ed Sheeran Wants You All To Know That It's Okay To Be Weird

Yay for being a weirdo!

Ed Sheeran has embraced his quirks after being honoured at the American Institute for Stuttering's Freeing Voices Live Benefit Gala on Monday night, where he gave an inspiring speech about being a bit of an outcast.

“I was a very, very weird child,” he said. “I had a port-wine stain birthmark on my face that I got lasered off when I was very young; one day, they forgot to put the anesthetic on, and ever since then, I had a stutter.”

During his time on the stage he told of how he got around the problem, with a little help from Slim Shady.

“My Uncle Jim told my dad that Eminem was the next Bob Dylan – it’s pretty similar, it’s all just storytelling – so my dad bought me The Marshall Mathers LP when I was 9 years old, not knowing what was on it.

Adding: "I learned every word of it, back to front, by the time I was 10. He raps very fast and melodically and percussively, and it helped me get rid of the stutter.”

While he had quite the story about what the 'cool' kids from his school are up to now.

“Even if you have quirks and weirdness, you shouldn’t be worried about that. The people I went to school with that were the most normal and were the coolest when we grew up – I was telling Emily [Blunt, the night’s host] earlier that one of the cool kids from school now does my plumbing! That’s a fact!”

“If you try to be the cool kid in class, you’ll end up very boring and doing plumbing for someone who apparently wasn’t that cool. Be yourself. Embrace your quirks. Being weird is a wonderful thing. … I have a f–king football team now, that’s pretty cool!"

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