Premiere: DVBBS Launch New Label KANARY With DYSN's 'We're Alone' - Listen

The LA dance music stars have launched their very own label and they've given us the first play of their very first signing...

Since getting all rowdy in the UK charts last yearwith Borgeous and Tinie Tempah on 'Tsunami (Jump)', LA dance duoDVBBS have launched their very own label KANARY and they've given us the first play of their brand new signing!

While the pair are known for their massive bass-heavy EDM tunes, they promiseKANARY is going to take a markedly different approach, signing quality music from talentedartists across the spectrum.

"KANARY isn't just going to be one of those Beatport imprints servicing EDM,” says Alex. “Asyou'll hear from our debut release – as well as from our debut album which we’re currently working on – we're going to promote greatmusic and want to be vastly different to the big labelsthat are out there currently.”

So without further ago, hailed as a "Texan prodigy",check out 19-year-oldDYSN's new track 'We're Alone' Ft. Blackbear below. 'Warning: Explicit lyrics.'

DYSN has been making music since he was 14 andproduces and sings on all of his tracks, counting himself as a producer, songwriter and vocalengineer.

The single will be followed by DYSN’s stunning 'Wonderland' EP – the label’s second release,which was written in DVBBS’ Hollywood mansion on Wonderland Avenue while his mentorswere away on their world tour. Plus DVBBS will be dropping their new album on the imprint in 2016 so we probed the guys on their new venture...

Why did you guys decide to set up your own label?

"Honestly.. great music deserves to be heard. We love pushing ourselves as musicians but we also love pushing the boundaries with our career as a whole. We just want to focus ourselves more on producing and it has always been our biggest dream to start our own label. We turned our dreams into reality and from that moment our KANARY was born!"

Why is it called KANARY? What's with you guys and all the capital letters?!

"It’s all related to our clothing brand KANARY KOLLECTIVE which you will soon have a glimpse of…"

What type of music and artists can we expect you to push through the label?

"Growing up playing and writing all sorts of genres of music, we are lucky to have this huge appreciation and respect for music, that we always promised ourselves we will never force ourselves into a specific genre that we have to only stick to. Our label will follow the same mentality... KANARY is set to take an electric focus, but this label is going to make a different approach with quality music from talented artists and producers."

How did you find DYSN and what made him stand out as your must-have first signing?

"Family and friends come first. DYSN was first a friend before anything. Being able to say we watched him for the last two years morph into this young prodigy is mind blowing, but joining him on his journey from the beginning and being able to help him create his vision is a complete honour. This talented guy is just the right one to release the very first track: DYSN ft. Blackbear – 'We’re Alone'!"

What's next for DVBBS?

"Currently we’re working eight days a week on our new single and WORLD ALBUM, which is coming out in 2016. We say world because our inspiration for this project are the travels and people across the globe. We want to have the memory of writing each song on the album in a different country. Of course while this is all happening, we try keeping our WOOZY GANG happy with our touring schedule always going strong. Excited and grateful for all of it!"

''We're Alone' is out now.'

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