Ear Makeup Is Autumn's Most Unexpected Beauty Trend

Forget eyeshadow and liquid liner - it's all about painting your ears now.

We love a weird trend. Be it clown contouring or bun dropping, we'll give it a bash. But ear makeup?


Whatever you make of the idea, it's officially a thing that is happening and it's all over Instagram right now.

If you're wondering 'why' people are putting makeup on their ears of all places, it's actually something that's been popping up on the runway for a while. At last year's autumn/wintershows, makeup legend Pat McGrath offset the futuristic designs at Louis Vuitton with chrome-coloured ears, while Opening Ceremony slicked the models' ears in lashings of crystallised glitter.

Now Proenza Schouler haveadopted the lookand showed models with brightly coloured paint daubed on their ears to bring out the geometric design of their jewellery for the SS17 show at NYFW over the wekend.

This hasn't been lost on the Instagram crowd either and plenty of people are experimenting with their ears as a new place to add colour or a sprinkle of sparkle to their look.

Our faves are the looks that leave makeup on the face minimal as it really makes a shot of colour on the ear pop in comparison.

Can't believe we actually just wrote that sentence with a straight face, but welcome to 2016 everybody. This is your life now.

Still, themetallic version with the intricacies of the ear picked out in silver would be a pretty cool look for the festive season, don't you reckon?

If you do want to give it a try, you're going to want to stock up on bold liquid eyeliners and highly pigmented eyeshadows to get that really intense hit of colour. To stop things smudging, a spritz of a good setting spray over the top of your finished design is a must.

What do you reckon - is this one gonna catch on?

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