Can't Afford Yeezy Season 6? Missguided Have Got You Covered

The more affordable fashion brand have dropped their very own Kim Kardashian inspired collection...

Missguided’s latest collection has all but divided the nation this week, after the fashion brand dropped their very own version of Yeezy Season 6.

The Kanye West designed collection only debuted late last month via a series of Insta posts from Kim Kardashian and her clones, but already MG are on the case of making their own more affordable version.

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Titled ‘The New Essentials: Season 1’, the collection doesn’t actually mention Yeezy but the similarities are just all too obvious to ignore, from the crop tops to the cycling shorts it just screams KKW.

It's describedon the website as "neutral pallets in modern, oversized shapes," as they go on to add that leggings are, like, so 2017.

"Cycling shorts overtake leggings this year as the go to comfy cool pieces that every wardrobe needs, and FYI the bandeau top is back. Hit refresh, this is everything your wardrobe needs."

However fans can’t quite make their minds up as to whether they’re into it or not, with some all for saving £400 on something that looks identical:

While others aren’t exactly sold on the quality and originality of the collection:

It probably doesn’t help that the model looks just like Kim in a long blonde wig, but we’re sure that’s purely a coincidence… Right?!

Either way if it means we can look like a Kardashian without spending our life savings then we’re all for it.

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