Harry Styles Writing Songs With Snow Patrol Star

However, sources have insisted that Hazza is NOT going solo...

One Directionstar Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody.
Speaking to The Sun, the Chasing Cars singer explained: "We wrote with Harry. It was a lot of fun.
"He’s a real dude actually. We’ve no idea if those songs will make it yet, though. It’s a long process. It’s great to work with other people — it’s good to flex the muscle.”
However, Directioners have been assured that Hazza is not about to go solo, with a 1D insider telling the tabloid: "One Direction always work solo with writers and are doing the same for the new album.
“It saves time, which is so precious for a band under their pressures. The tracks Harry worked on with Gary are 100 per cent for the new One Direction album — and not a solo album.”
One Direction [uuid=d51927fc-cdf3-4fd7-9e11-4608de75d4a4]also hit the headlines over the weekend[/uuid] after Styles' bandmate Liam Payne apologised to fans on Twitter after reacting to 'upsetting' homemade banners at 1D's gig in Detroit.

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