Theres A Hot New Selfie Trend And Its Called Fingermouthing

There's a new hot selfie pose in town…

As if the duckface, fish gape and T-rex hand poses weren't enough for all the selfie kings and queens to choose from, another one has popped up on the scene.


And thankfully, it's not actually as rude as it sounds.

To perfect the pose, you just simply dangle your fingers in front of your mouth provocatively and make it look like your hand has just been carelessly caught in the photo, when really its been totally calculated all along. SNEAKY.

That's apparently Buzzfeed's definition, who actually came up with the term.

Bella's already a pro at it:

Obviously, this has got 'a la Kylie Jenner' written all over it, as she was one of the first to be notably 'finger mouthing' in her sassy selfies.

Although, this was mostly due to insecurity.She told Elle: "I was so insecure about my lips. Even now I always post photos where my finger is always in front of my mouth…it's a habit."

Here she is doing what she does best:

But then others have adopted the trend simply because it looks seductive and also helps to frame your face. Who knew selfie taking was such an art...

We're not sure of the rules just yet - how many fingers do we use? just one? a whole hand?!

Basically, just try to avoid looking like Dr Evil…

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