Harry Styles Talks 'Intense And Ambitious' Filming Of Dunkirk

He got sand in his eyes, the poor thing.

Harry Styles has finally opened up about what it was like to act in his debut film, Dunkirk. THANK YOU WORLD.

As part of his really quite revealing Another Man magazine interview, Harry happily chats about his time working on the movie and how the mind of Christopher Nolan works.

"My first day on set was so cold, there was sand in my eyes, it was intense. The movie is really ambitious.

"I feel lucky to be involved in it. It feels like a really cool project. I'm a big fan of his (Christopher Nolan's) movies; I'm kind of in awe of him. He has an amazing brain, the way he works stuff out," he told Chelsea Handler.

Hazza goes on to add: "He clearly does so much research and I guess that's why he doesn't just churn out a load of movies. It definitely takes some of the nerves away - you know if you do something wrong he'll tell you."

If we could get a full Dunkirk trailer sometime soon that'd be fantastic.

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