Celebrities Who Shockingly Admitted To Cheating

They put their hands up and admitted to the unthinkable.

It's fair to say that cheating is the absolute worst, and it's not uncommon for celebrities to vigorously deny it or keep their mouths firmly shtum when the first hint of an allegationemerges. This lot, however, chose to put their hands up and admit to their wrongdoing when they were caught with their hands in someone else's cookie jar.

Of course, it doesn't make the action excusablebut at least they were man enough to admit it. From a certain vampire that shattered the hopes and dreams of Twilight lovers everywhere to an Essex lad's shocker of a TOWIE sexting scandal, these are probably some of the most honest cheaters you'll find.

Check out the video to find out which of your favourite celebrities admitted to cheating on their s/o...

So there you have it. At least some of these guys learned from their former cheating ways and have gone on to lead faithful relationships (we think). Meanwhile, most of those on the receiving end of the infidelity kicked those scallywags to the kerb and moved on to bigger and better things, Kourt and Marnie, we're looking at you babes!

If you can handle more cheating scandals, get checking out the celebrities that went into detail about the time they cheated on someone right here.

Otherwise, stay faithful peeps!

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