Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grebeel Aka Sharpay And Ryan Actually Hated Each Other During High School Musical Filming

But they're totes bffs now.

They may have had the sassiest relationship on screen in High School Musical, but it turns out that Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel actually hated each other IRL.

When Sharpay and Ryan reunited recently to perform a slow version of What I’ve Been Looking For as part of Ash’s YouTube music series, they explained that it took a few years for them to turn into the BFFs that they are today.

‘We were not close. We were not good friends, lets be honest. We hated each other, I’m not kidding,’ Ash said of when they first met.

‘We did not get off on the best foot,’ Lucas adds.

‘I think I was definitely a lot like Sharpay and was like who is this person?After we wrapped though I’ve always had a love for you, you are literally like my twin brother,’ Ashley lovingly continued.

PHEW. We well as long as they’re not faking it now then that’s totally fine, because they've now actually transformed in Sharpay and Ryan only without the mean streaks.

Also how ridiculous is their cover of the classic HSM ballad? Brb just going to watch the film one more time.

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