James Charles Faces Criticism For Allegedly Copying A Rendition Of The National Anthem

Do you think the performances sound similar?

James Charles is being called out online after some fans have accused him of trying to pass off a musical group’s rendition of the national anthem as his own.

The YouTuber and two friends performed the rendition before the start of the Ace Family Charity Basketball Game back on June 29th. After the show, the 19-year-old took to Twitter to say he was pleased with the performance but couldn’t remember a lot of it.

“My friends and I sang the national anthem at the staples center in front of 21,000 people tonight and killed it... I blacked out and don’t remember any of it but I’m just feeling so grateful and blessed right now!!! what is my life!!!”

Weeks on, some people have now pointed out that the structure of the performance sounds very similar to a YouTube video posted by the Ruppe Sisters, with several fans arguing that he should have credited their work.

“@jamescharles please credit the @ruppesisters for the beautiful harmony on your national anthem performance at the Staples Center. It’s only the right thing to do,” one fan wrote.

Another comment was more brutal: “Quick shout out to the Ruppe Sisters for their national anthem arrangement that James Charles feels he has the right to rip off and claim as his own.”

Neither James or the Ruppe Sisters have commented on the situation so far. Do you think the rendition sounds identical or are people making a big reach here?

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