Shaybo: "Making Music For Me Is A Way To Express Myself"

Shaybo has been KILLING IT! From collabs with the likes of Jorja Smith and NSG and too many solo bangers to count, Shaybo is making her presence known on the UK rap scene...

Shaybo has earned herself a place as a nominee on the MTV PUSH UK & IRE 2022 list for her deep lyrics and raw talent. Her music takes influences from her Yoruba heritage as well as her South London roots, and she has garnered a name for herself as the Queen of the South...

“It's important for me to incorporateYoruba into my music,” she revealed, “because as an authentic artist I wanna kind of speak on my experiences and how I've been raised and stuff like that, and I knowthere's such a huge Nigerian community and you know, a lot of people that can relate to the things that I speak about, especially coming from South London, so I just try to be true to myself and kind of involve who I am as a person and what I've come from, and my culture in my music.”

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In our exclusive interview, Shaybo also opened up on what making music means to her: “Making music for me is just a way to just express myself.And you know, speak about my thoughts and kind of, be a beacon for people who, you know...'causeI feel like music is emotion at the same time, so I know when I'm making music, I feel certain emotions, or I feel certain things and I kind of say what a lot of people are thinking.

“I hear that all the time, my fans when they meet me say ‘Shaybo you're saying exactly what we're thinking’.”

We agree!




When asked about musical highpoints, Shaybo revealed: “My musical high point so far would be my song with Jorja Smith, 'Buss Down'.Working with Wale as well, 'No Worries'.

“And you know, to be honest I'm just grateful to be able to come so far, and I feel like so many people, especially coming from South London, are looking at me and you know what, I'm inspiring a lot of people, so I'm just happy to kind of be able to go upwards and just do amazing things.”

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