Teen Mom UK’s Mia Boardman Explains Why She’s Taking A Break From The Show – EXCLUSIVE

Brand new Teen Mom UK returns Wednesday 5th September at 8pm on MTV UK!

We’ve watched all the highs and lows of Mia Boardman’s journey into parenthood throughout the last three series of Teen Mom UK, with the mum-of-one growing into an incredible mum to daughter Marliya, who she shares with Marliya’s dad, Manley Geddes.

However, with series four just around the corner, Mia has announced that she’s decided to take a break from the show this time, telling MTV that she’s focusing on new things for a while.

Watch Mia explain why we won’t see her in series four of Teen Mom UK in this exclusive video:

Speaking about the change in an exclusive chat with MTV, Mia explains: “I’ve decided to take a break from Teen Mom UK series 4 because I’ve decided to focus on my new relationship and Marliya. I’d love to come back for another series and I don’t think you’ve seen the last of me yet.”

Adding that she’s had some “amazing” comments from fans over the past series, Mia continues on to reveal what she’s learnt from her time on the show: “I think the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from being on Teen Mom UK is to just not take life too seriously.


“I look back on some of the situations I was in and I think I was quite dramatic about some of them, like the Erin situation, about her staying at Maggie’s, now when I look back on it, I would’ve done things a lot differently.”

Explaining how Marliya has grown since the last series, Mia revealed that she’s “changed so much,” telling MTV: “She talks, she talks back, she says no to me about everything but she’s like a proper little girl, like, we have conversations. Me and her can go out for the day and we just talk.”


And though she won’t feature in this series, Mia is still very much in contact with all of our other mums: “I’m still in contact with all the girls from Teen Mom UK. I get along so well with all of them.

“Obviously they’re amazing girls, we’ve gone through loads together, we’ve always been there for each other throughout all the series and I think we’ll always be friends for life, they’re lovely.”

We love to hear this.

Mia also sends a seriously lovely message to her fans to thank them for their support, adding: “I hope you enjoy the next series watching all the other girls grow in their stories and hopefully I’ll be back soon.”


We’re wishing Mia loads of luck and happiness in wherever life takes her next!

See how our teen mums are getting on when Teen Mom UK returns, Wednesday 5th September at 8pm on MTV UK! And watch more exclusive videos here:

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