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Nicola Roberts "Nervous" Performing Without Girls Aloud

MTV UK catch up with Nic on the set of her new video, Beat Of My Drum...

Nicola Roberts has exclusively told MTV UK that she is worried about performing live without the backing of her Girls Aloud bandmates.

Speaking during the shoot of her solo video, Beat Of My Drum, as part of our brand new MTV Music show, On Set With Nicola Roberts, the singer revealed: "I'm nervous and I'm dreading the night before."


The 25-year old continued: "I know I'm going to be like losing half a stone in weight overnight, so I'm going to have to get myself into the zone."

When asked about the stress of striking out on her own, away from comforts of Girls Aloud, Roberts explained: "There does feel like there is a little bit of extra pressure, coz it is just me and it feels a little bit like, is that enough, is it enough to just look at that."

Speculation regarding whether there will be a GA reunion has been rife since Cheryl Cole was axed from The X Factor USA, but Nicola has admitted that the break from the girlband has be good for each member to develop their own career.

Roberts stated: "I think we’re all proud of each other, I think that kind of is the kind of step out of the bubble that we were in for so long and you are able to see each person really develop on their own, everyone is achieving different things which is really nice to see."

She added: "I just think for me, I like literally went from school to being in the band, so other than the make up range, I have never really had that much responsibility and I feel like it gave me a lot of confidence having that much responsibility writing the record. Creating the record has made me grow up and it has made me, really push myself, it’s been good."

You can check out On Set With Nicola Roberts this Saturday, 11th June at 2pm on MTV Music!