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Nicole Kidman Beds Zac Efron In Movie Trailer

Nic gets her cougar on with former High School Musical star...

Nicole Kidman is seen bedding former High School Musical star Zac Efron in the trailer for their new film, The Paperboy.

Moulin Rouge actress Nicole, 45, gets her cougar on with 24-year-old Zac in the promo for the thriller - which sees her straddling him on a bed while both are just in their underwear.

Another scene sees Zac still just in his white Y-fronts and dancing with Nic outside a house.

A hit at the Cannes Film Festival, the movie sees Nicole playing the fiancée of a death row inmate (John Cusack) who starts an affair with youngster Zac.

Matthew McConaughey and Macy Gray both also star in the film, which has not yet been given a UK release date.