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1D Zayn Tweets STD Insult At The Wanted's Max

Beef between boy bands escalates as Zayn Malik lays into Max George...

Zayn Malik from One Direction has escalated the band's feud with The Wanted by tweeting a jibe about STDs at Max George.

The pair had been bitching with one another over the social networking site when Zayn raised the stakes by tweeting to Max: "Alright chlamydia boy ;)."

The insult apparently followed a social meeting between Zayn's GF Perrie Edwards (of Little Mix) and Max's ex-GF, Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan.

Both stars have now deleted the majority of their row, but The Mirror reports that it appeared to stem from Zayn repeatedly calling Max a "geek".

Max had tweeted a picture of himself with Gangnam Style star Psy, to which Zayn responded: "The first step is acceptance #geekoftheweek."

Max tried to play along by replying: "Does that mean I'm 'in'."

But Zayn appeared to lose his rag, writing: "I'm not sure why your still talking to me mate conversation ended when I called you a geek. p.s your display just how's how much of a wannabe you are :)"

The exact sequence of tweets is unclear, but apparently Max told Zayn to "Grow up son" - and to "Stay off the bud... It clearly makes u cranky."

The Wanted's Tom Parker and 1D's Louis Tomlinson also got involved in the online handbags, which ended with Max trying to smooth things over but Zayn still stroppy.

Max wrote: "No dramas peeps its all just flirting! Haha."

To which Zayn replied: "Clearly some people are not very familiar with flirting :)."

And his final message is about the only trace of the drama still remaining on his Twitter feed.