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One Direction Fans Crushed During Peru 'Where We Are' Concert

47 Directioners are thought to have needed medical attention, with a rep for the band insisting audience safety is "a number one priority" on the tour...

One Direction were forced to stop performing at their gig in Peru on Sunday (April 27) after some of their fans were crushed in the crowd.

According to The Mirror, the incident left 47 Directioners needing medical attention after suffering various injuries as a result of the crush.

In a bid to control the situation, 1D are thought to have warned their fans to stop pushing forward or they would be forced to walk off stage.

In a video taken inside the Estadio Nacional stadium, singer Niall Horan can be heard saying: "If you don't want anyone to take us off the stage, make sure you stay back."

Bandmate Liam Payne added: "Or we'll have to go - and we don't want to go."

It is currently unclear how serious the injuries were, with local reports claiming that some fans are still being treated for symptoms of asphyxia.

A witness later told the tabloid: "The concert was so dangerous. I was front row and they carried out at least 30 girls who had fainted over my head. I have so many bruises.

“A girl behind me fainted tonight and she got trampled. She could’ve died. It was so scary. Their entire crew was horrified by all the people that got hurt.”

However, Mario Cassareto - who is the head of Peru's volunteer fire service later told press that they handled the situation well.

He explained to Peruvian radio: "We treated 47 children with the first stages of asphyxia. Everything is under control. We have nothing to be ashamed of, we've handled the situation well.

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"We put in place a second evacuation plan so that the younger fans were not affected. We're working with the police and the security companies (who were contracted for the show), 911 and VIP.

"It's under control. We are still treating those with symptoms of asphyxia that we pulled from the back. The ministry of health has set up tents."

A 1D spokesperson later added to The Mirror: "Audience safety is always the number one priority on a One Direction tour. The planning for this starts with the configuration of the audience on a stadium or arena plan, and where the tickets are sold in that plan.

"Every venue is different. There is always an individual crowd control and security strategy for every One Direction concert.

"The band’s management employ, in their touring party, the very best crowd control and advance security specialists who plan in advance and on the day with all the relevant local experts and services including police, fire, medical, the venue and the promoter.”

The X Factor group are currently taking their Where We Are tour to Chile, where they will perform two shows at the national stadium in Santiago.