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One Direction Reveal Harry's Naked Backstage Antics

Boyband heartthrob strips off for behind the scenes Segway spin...

As if Directioners weren't already desperate to sneak backstage to see One Direction, the lads' latest revelation will have them clamouring for a glimpse behind the scenes.

According to The Sun, the 1D boys have been getting up to some mischief on a Segway - with cheeky Harry Styles getting his kit off in the process.

In an interview with the paper, Louis Tomlinson explained: "Niall turned up recently at a gig with a Segway. We were all spinning about on it, then Harry decided to strip off and go streaking. He turned a few heads."

Bandmate Niall went on: "He's a braver boy than me. It can get a bit chilly when you pick up speed.

"It can be quite cold backstage too."

Unfortunately for Harry, the nudity isn't always confined to the backstage area.

Liam revealed: "I pulled Harry's trousers down on stage one night. What I hadn't considered was that I might whip his pants off by accident too - which happened."

A red-faced Harry added: "Worst of all though, it was a night when the concert was being filmed for our new movie. If it stays in you'll see what I have to offer - in 3D."

Just one more reason to get your This Is Us tickets early when the film is released in August.