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One Direction Reveal Sixth Member! 

The lads have claimed Ed Sheeran is the "ginger guy in the group"...

One Direction have revealed that chart-topper Ed Sheeran is like the sixth member of the boyband.

The What Makes You Beautiful singers, who have worked with Sheeran on their debut album, claim the ginger-haired star feels like the extra member of 1D.

Speaking of Ed, Niall Horan told the Daily Star: "Getting to write and record with Ed on our album was an honour. We need a ginger guy in the group. The closest thing we have is an Irish guy, me.”

Louis Tomlinson also praised the A-Team hitmaker, stating: "Ed is phenomenal. He’s been one of the artists who has blown up in a major way."

He added: "We were surprised by the album because it’s more like the calm, acoustic nice guy Ed. I thought he was going to give us more of that You Need Me vibe.”

When asked about their first LP, Zayn Malik teased: "It’s anthemic. We can’t say that enough times. To work with RedOne was such a big deal. It’s more like the sound he created with Nicole Scherzinger. Powerful.”

The X Factor group also hit the headlines yesterday after revealing they feared being attacked by a crocodile on the set of their new video for track, Got To Be You.