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One Direction To Voice Their Own Cartoon Series?

The lads are big fans of Mark Parson's one-off online episode...

One Direction are allegedly in talks to voice their own cartoon series.

Following reports that 1D will be starring in a 3D movie, Harry Styles and Co are now said to be putting their voices to animated show The Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction - which already has six million hits on YouTube.

The X Factor group were previously transformed into cartoon characters by Archer's Mark Parsons in the online series, which sees the lads turn into Power Rangers style superheroes.

The One Thing hitmakers are said to be such big fans of the one-off video, they are keen to lend their own voices to the project.

Band member Liam Payne told The Sun: “We loved it and there might be some more cartoons with our voices in the future.”

It is currently unknown whether Parson will make another online series including their voices, or whether it could make the jump to TV.

As well as being transformed into animated characters, One Direction will also reportedly release their second album later this year - just in time for Christmas.

A source told the Daily Star: "The plan is to have a new single out around November, with the album to follow a week or two later."