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One Direction: 'We're Not Changing Our Name'

Boys defiant in face of legal challenge from US group...

One Direction have insisted that they are not going to change their name in the wake of legal action from a US group with the same name.

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles told an interviewer in Australia that they were determined to retain the name that they adopted when taking part in the 2010 series of The X Factor.

The interviewer for the Herald Sun asked if they would have to change their name, to which Zayn replied: "No."

Asked if that was an official "no", Zayn looked at Harry and answered "yes".

Harry then chimed in to say: "We don't know. No. We will not be changing our name."

And when asked what would happen, Zayn continued: "We don't know, but we're not changing our name."

The US group registered the name as a trademark at the start of 2011, but claim to have been recording under that name since 2009.

In other One Direction news, Harry was more tight-lipped when quizzed about texting American country pop superstar Taylor Swift.

He confirmed he'd been in touch, but would only say: "We met in America and she's very nice."

Earlier this week we told you how the boys were reported to have been paid £10m by Simon Cowell.