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Watch One Direction’s Video

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' video was shot on a beach in Malibu...

One Direction have finally unleashed the video for their debut single What Makes You Beautiful.

The video sees Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn hanging out on a beach in Malibu, paddling (topless!) in the water, driving an orange campervan, setting up a beachside camp and flirting with some girls. Towards the end of the video, Harry gets up close and personal with one lucky lady.

The lads have a lot of reasons to celebrate this week – the track achieved the highest ever pre-orders for a Sony Music act in the company's history!

The X Factor finalists told MTV why they chose What Makes You Beautiful as their first single, saying the track reflects what they are about. "I think for us we wanted to release something that wasn’t cheesy but it was fun,” Harry said.

"It kind of represented us, I think it took us a while to find it but I think we found the right song."

Liam added: "We always wanted it to be something that people didn’t expect and then when we heard it, it wasn't what we expected either so it kind of fitted perfectly."

What Makes You Beautiful is released digitally on 11 September.