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Paramore Interview

Emos hottest new thing talk exclusively to MTV about new single Misery Business and not wanting to be Avril Lavigne

One of the hardest working bands around, the pop-punk five-piece Paramore from Tennessee are preparing to launch their sophomore album, Riot!, which drops here on June 25.

Theyve been touring for two years but said it hasnt been too hard, according to charismatic lead Hayley Williams: "We just love playing the shows! Some days you can feel tired, but as soon as you get on stage the energy runs and it's just amazing.

"I think the thing that sets us apart from other bands is that we're so hard on ourselves - and we're just non-stop energy! If I come off the stage and I'm not pouring sweat I feel like I haven't done my job."

The band was formed when two brothers, Zac and Josh Farro met 13 year old Hayley who'd just arrived from neighbouring Mississippi. They hit it off instantly and began playing together, within a few years they'd been signed and were off on tour.

Like a lot of bands, Paramore are cautious of being put into a generic bracket, though they're not so nave that they won't engage in the discussion. "I guess in the UK scene we'd be regarded as Emo - though that seems more like fashion than music - like a Myspace photo," says Hayley.

When pushed on her reasons, she says they're purely musical: "When you're in the studio it's important not to think in those terms. It can be very restrictive."

Resisting labeling is something Hayley's used to by now - comparisons with Avril Lavigne have been common. Though when asked what music makes Paramore switch off, Lavigne is the first name mentioned.

"The problem is that no-one has the attention span to listen to anything more complex. I don't like people seeing me as Avril Lavigne - though I know some people do - I mean she was a cute girl. It's just not the music I'd want to do."

What makes them different, by the sounds of it, is Hayley's dedication to the honesty and emotional depth of their music:

"I became more open about my feelings when writing Riot! There were things I felt ashamed to say, to be honest, but I think it's important to spill out your guts, because otherwise all this stuff can become a real burden.

"Everyone has these moments when they're just not a lovely person."

But Riot! is not dark. The raw energy alone is enough to pull you out of any potential stupor, as drummer Zac explains.

"The new CD will make you're eardrums jump for joy! That's what I've been saying and I'm sticking by it. When I hear it, and I don't normally listen to our stuff, I just get really happy!"

Hayley nods and smiles, "It's exceeded our expectations."

Riot! is out June 25th, while new single Misery Business is OUT NOW.

You can hear Misery Business on their MySpace page by clicking here

Steve Laycock