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Paul Walker's Mother Files For Guardianship Of His Daughter Meadow

15-year-old Meadow was Paul's only child...

Paul Walker’s mother, Cheryl Walker, has filed court documents reportedly asking for guardianship of her 15-year-old granddaughter Meadow.

According to TMZ, the documents allege that Meadow and her mother, Rebecca Soteros, are already living with Paul’s mum but Cheryl wants official guardianship because of Rebecca’s alcoholism.

The site previously reported that Rebecca has twice been charged for driving under the influence and, in 2010, a 12-year-old Meadow moved from her mother’s place in Hawaii to live with father Paul, ostensibly because of Rebecca’s problems with alcohol.

If a judge grants Cheryl her request, it will be in line with Paul’s last wish regarding his daughter’s welfare. In his will the Fast & Furious actor, who tragically died in a car accident last November, stated that he wanted the registered nurse to be Meadow’s guardian.

TMZ also reports that, according to the filed documents, Paul’s estate is worth $16 million, which is a third less than the $25 million previously reported.