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Pete Doherty's Money Worries

EXCLUSIVE | He speaks to MTV News and reveals issues with cash, management and German fans

Pete Doherty has told MTV News he is worrying about Babyshambles management and having a lack of money in a bizarre rant. At Rock Am Ring festival he revealed: Weve got a few concerns at the moment over issues with management, where the money has been going (and) distribution of wealth. Bandmate Drew McConnell then asked Do we? before the wayward singer continued: We need to sit down as a band and talk about the future. Whats happening and why, when and who with. Two years of arseing about, we could actually make money out of this job. Doherty added: Ive just realised people are always saying to me yeah but you can afford it and Im like whats making them say that? Incredulous Drew then interrupted asking the rest of the band: Are You listening to this lads? We need to stop f**king around! Pete- whose Babyshambles played the German festival on Saturday- then got onto the topic the local fans who are known for loving heavy metal: They think were a bunch of penises. They think were pussies but what theyve got to understand is those bands are all about special effects and pedals, he said. Every scream that comes out of my guitar is because Im screaming and my fingers are screaming. ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY JOCELYN COX