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Pharrell Loves Duffy, Common And Wombats!

Pharrell Williams spoke exclusively to MTV News

N*E*R*D front man and producer extraordinaire, Pharrell Williams, told theMTV US teamwhat he's been up to.

MTV News caught up with Skateboard P on the set of the Hype Williams music video for the Everyone Nose remix track.

The remix of the NERD single is mammoth, featuring Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pusha T of Clipse. Pharrell explained that they chose to make a video for the track as a thank you to the bands loyal fans.

When we asked the pop lothario if he was listening to any UK artists during his European tour we got a surprising response I really like what Duffy does shes dope(and) the group called The Wombats? Yeah crazy, their single is crazy. Sick. Its called Moving To New York.

P also told us that Commons forthcoming album Invincible Summer is dumb which means sick which means really good man his album is dumb, I did a bunch of records for it, I did like nine records.

You can hear two of the new Neptunes produced tracks, UMC (Universal Mind Control) and Announcement, on Commons myspace page.

Pharrell, pictured aboveour very own VJRickie,told us with Announcement I wanted to make some kind of (19)'94, 95 feeling, but were going to see.

We'll keep you posted...