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Pharrell Replaces Seinfeld In Microsoft Ad

Williams joins Deepak Chopra and Eva Longoria in big money ad campaign.

Pharrell the I.T N.E.R.D.... well not exactly, the star will be featuring in an advertisement for technology giant Microsoft.

The Grammy Award winner joins a cast of celebrities in a new $300 million dollar advertising campaign by Microsoft - replacing comedian Jerry Seinfeld and company founder Bill Gates.

After less than two weeks on the air, the company is pulling the Seinfeld ads, in favor of a new campaign featuring Pharrell Williams, Deepak Chopra and stunner Eva Longoria.

A Microsoft spokesman said the new ad campaign was completely in accordance with the companys plans and denied that the advertisement change was made for any other reason.

This is not the first time Microsoft have used Pharrell, he was used to launch the game Halo 3 in the UK.