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Prince Harry 'Furious' Over Las Vegas Party Girl Claims

He's denied that Carrie Reichert partied with him in Sin City...

Prince Harry is thought to be 'furious' after allegations made by a woman claiming to be one of the girls who joined him for a game of strip billiards in Las Vegas.

Snaps of the nude red-haired Royal in his VIP hotel suite emerged online last month, with Carrie Reichert revealing to The People newspaper that she has kissed Harry "for 15 to 20 minutes" during the party.

Reichert also claimed that the girl who Hazza infamously gave a naked bear-hug to was American, but she "didn't catch her name."

A Palace source has since commented on Carrie's remarks, telling The Mirror that the Prince has denied that she was present with him in Sin City.

They said: "Harry is furious about these claims and wants it to be known that they are false. He says this girl was not there on the night of the party.

"The Palace have been braced for claims like this. It's no surprise that people will come forward and say they were in Harry's suite, but he insists that this girl was not there that night."