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Professor Green & Wiley Involved In Twitter Battle

Things have turned ugly between the two rappers! Find out why here...

A Twitter war has broken out between two of the UK Grime scene's heavyweights, Professor Green and Wiley.

Wiley is said to have started the scrap, by claiming that rappers like Green wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Eminem, adding that he thought he was a better artist that Pro.

Former battle rapper Pro did not take kindly to Wiley's comments, responding to the Roll Deep member, tweeting: "I will always be a fan, but that's not to say I won't s*** all over you. It's not a problem for me."


Wiley then responded to the I Need You Tonight hitmaker, as the pair became involved in a series of angry tweets, in which followers of both acts also participated in the Twitter battle.

Pro tweeted: "You're doing an awful lot of talking about me, not so much talking to me. We don't have a problem so let it go."

Wiley responded: "Yeah we have got a problem, when I see you we will discuss it", to which Pro replied: "That's cool, then leave it off here, it's not WWF. I'll dm [direct message] you my number we can talk privately."

Wiley continued to rant, raging: "Bro don't try and talk smart on Twitter either. Send ya number I will say the same stuff."

Pro claimed: "I'm not talking smart, I'm just saying this is pointless... would you not agree? We both do our ting" before Wiley raged: "No we both don't. I do. You're an idiot."


Professor Green, real name Stephen Manderson, tried to cool the argument with the Wearing My Rolex rapper, tweeting: "I'm not taking part in Twitter beef. I ain't in it. I feel stupid for even having risen to any of this s***."

However, Wiley has continued to rant at Manderson, recently posting via his official page: "all this be the bigger man bulls*** why delete what you said then pro green exactly cos you jumped in the fire."

Pro responded: "because its idiocy wiley and like i said, i shouldn't of bit, but i did and for that i'm a fool."

Wiley then retaliated: "bro you said you will s*** all over me you said so i responded now your dumb fans think i started it tell 'em you started it."

Green then claimed: "i didn't start it, you said i was s*** - that is where it began. Norrrrrmally i wouldn't have batted an eye lid, but for whatever reason it got my back up."

The Just Be Good To Green MC then told Wiley: "For the last time, i'm done with it. We can reason like men and we both are entitled to opinions but twitter is long."

Having the last word, Wiley tweeted: "Big up pro green bring me on tour mate its a wrap. Pro green if you don't take me on tour then we know the true colours."

We hope they have finally sorted out their differences...