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Rachel Bilson: 'I Want To Rap With Eminem'

The OC star also reveals her anger over Emma Watson flick, The Bling Ring...

Rachel Bilson may have shot to fame as Summer Roberts in The OC, but the actress has revealed she's keen to swap the screen for the mic and become a rapper.
Gracing the cover of the August issue of British Cosmopolitan magazine, the 31-year old revealed that if she wasn't busy acting, she'd love to team up with Eminem.
Bilson confessed to the publication: "If I could karaoke duet with anyone it would be Eminem."
She then teased: "I secretly want to be a rapper."
As well as revealing her dream to perform with Slim Shady, Bilson also addressed new Emma Watson flick The Bling Ring, in which documents the story of a gang of thieves who stole £200,000 of her designer clothes and sentimental items - including her mum’s engagement ring. 
Angry that their crimes have been made into a movie, she states: “I thought it was weird to glorify something that was so upsetting for a lot of people. 
"It’s important to detach from material things, but the special, personal things I lost are hard to forget.”
Bilson also went on to speak about her romance with fellow actor, Hayden Christensen - claiming that she is a true romantic at heart.
The star said: “My parents’ divorce [when Rachel was nine] didn’t make me cynical about love and marriage. I’ve always been a big romantic and I look forward to all  those things. 
"I’ve been in a relationship for six years and I’m happy… To have a partner is one of the greatest things. I’ve always been a fan of love! I love any movie or book or anything to do with love because I’m a romantic…"
Rachel added: "I’m an emotional person; I go with my heart before my head every time!”
The full interview appears in the August issue of British Cosmopolitan, on sale Thursday, July 4 and is also available in digital edition on the Apple Newsstand.
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Pictures: © Cosmopolitan / Matthias Vriens-McGarth