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Remy Ma Jailed For Shooting

New York rapper Remy Ma sentenced to eight years in prison for shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph

New York rapper Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years in prison yesterday.

She was convicted of shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph in July of 2007, after $3,000 went missing from Remy Mas purse after the pair and an entourage were leaving a New York night club.

Judge Rena Uviller, who presided over the case in Manhattan Supreme Court, said the following before delivering the sentence:

"Shes overcome a difficult childhood. Her music has inspired people in need. Shes loved and has support from her family. This is somewhat of a pattern," Judge Uviller told the court.

"This is not the first time she has been engaged in a violent act. She has never taken responsibility for her actions. This has nothing to do with rap, its about the actions of one person. Remy is an extremely angry young woman, who feels the rules do not apply to her."

Remy Ma burst into tears upon hearing the sentence and her boyfriend Papoose had to be restrained after shouting "All you want is money!" at Barnes Joseph.