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Robbie Williams Comforts Joss Stone

And he reveals that he has found religion...

Robbie Williams has reached out to Joss Stone after she was the target of a robbery plot.

The pair have been friends since they performed together at The Brit Awards in 2005 and the Take That star phoned Joss after hearing of her plight. Two men have since been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and grievous bodily harm after being spotted near her Devon home.

The Rock DJ singer invited the 24-year-old to Take That’s concert in Cardiff on 16 June to take her mind off her traumatic week. A source said: "Robbie and Joss have been mates for years. He got straight on the phone to see if she was OK and invited her to Wales. 

"She's still in shock but Robbie did his best to put a smile back on her face. His cheeky chappy side was in overdrive when they met up after the gig. She was making light of it too, joking that it's been like an episode of Midsomer Murders."

In other Robbie news, he has blogged that he may change the lyrics to his hit Bodies because he has found religion.

“I haven’t found God or anything like that but she just might have found me,” he wrote. “My truths are ever changing. If you’ve been following me closely, I have said that Bodies was gibberish. The gibberish I refer to is the Jesus bit. I mean, who the f**k am I?”

The lyric Rob is referring to is the line: “Jesus didn’t die for you.”

He continued: “It made sense to me at the time… but it doesn’t now. Am I allowed a change of heart? I’m gutted though, cos singing that song now doesn’t seem right… I may have to change the lyric for the next tour.”