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Russell Brand: 'I'm Dating Again'

And he also admits he'd consider getting married again...

Russell Brand has admitted that he is dating again - and has even suggested that he'd consider getting hitched a second time.

The comedian-turned-movie star has made it clear in an interview that he is single and already mingling.

He told The Mirror: "I'm single at the moment. I'm also dating. You know that sort of dating where you can do what you like?"

When asked if that meant he wasn't tied down, he replied: "No. Well, occasionally..."

And asked if he would consider walking up the aisle again, he said: "Yeah, I'd get married again."

Russ has been linked to several women since his split from wife Katy Perry - including fashion stylist Maeve Reilly and The Hoff's ex-GF Anouska De Georgiou.

Talking about his new movie Rock Of Ages, in which he kisses Alec Baldwin, he said: "If I was gonna be gay, I'd like Alec Baldwin to be my boyfriend because he'd take care of me.

"If you had Alec as your boyfriend and a burglar gets in, you'd go: "Alec, there's a f*****g burglar downstairs, mate. This is your one, I'll do the breakfast.

"If I married a woman, which I conventionally would, I've gotta go and deal with the burglar AND probably make the breakfast. And they call it progress..."

And he said he didn't discuss spiritual matters with Scientologist Tom Cruise on the movie set.

He explained: "Nah, we didn't talk about religion. We've got to be polite about other people's spiritual beliefs. Otherwise people get into big arguments.

"Religion is psychological territory. It's a signpost pointing at the unknowable. It's this thing that's bigger than us that we're never gonna properly understand."

Russ yesterday joked that he should get a knighthood.