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Kristin Davis Sex Tape Scandal?

Is this the Sex (Tape) and The City actress in action?

Kristin Davis has reportedly been snapped in her very own celebrity sex tape.

The pictures have spread like wire fire across the internet, adding to speculation that the brunette in the video is Kristin Davis - which she strongly denies.

The so called sex tape alledgedly captures the alleged Sex (Tape) And The City star in a somewhat of a private act'!

Undeniably the brunette in the photos holds a remarkable resemblance to Davis, who plays the quiet and innocent Charlotte in Sex In The City.

Kristin has denied claims that she features in the video. This is not a photo of Kristin Davis, a rep for the actress told OK!. There is no sex tape.

However the whole stunt is rumoured to be a marketing ploy for the up and coming Sex and City movie, which is due to hit cinemas in May.

Good news for Kristin, bad news for those who thought Kristin would join the other Sex Tape celebrities Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson.